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Surplus Tank for Sale

Could be used for many different applications. It was originally designed for tank truck hauling of hazardous materials. This tank could be used on a tanker trailer, or a fixed tank above ground or below ground.  GPI can modify if needed by purchaser.  This tank would be suitable for many materials contact Brian Zinser at GPI 715-359-6123 to verify your material is compatible. 

This is a new tank never been put into service.

We are the manufacturer we can modify this unit to suit your needs.

Any Questions on:  Pricing, shipping, or cost for modifications Contact Sales  715-369-6123 or [email protected]

The specifications of this tank are as follows.

5,400 gallon capacity

58" diameter x 457" side sheet

(2) Top spill boxes

(1) 18" diameter quick access manway

(1) 3" diameter flanged fitting (top)

(1) 3 1/2" diameter flanged fitting (top)

(1) 4" diameter flanged fitting drain (bottom)

Exterior white gel coat with UV inhibitor

DOT 49 CFR 178.345-3, 49 CFR 178.345-8, TTMA RP 96-01 design

Rated for Vacuum and Pressure: +35/-14.7 PSIG rating

Length approximately: 482” 
Diameter/width approximately: 61” 
Height from top of spill box to bottom of the flange fitting drain approximately: 88.25” 
Drain flanged fitting extension:   4” 

This FRP tank is intended to transport products authorized by the Hazardous Material Table (49 CFR 172.102)  and compatible with the inner corrosion barrier employed.

The liner/Corrosion barrier is a FRP laminate from one ply of Vinyl Ester Resin saturated C-glass veil against the process surface. The resin-rich veil ply of the corrosion barrier contains approximately 90% resin by weight, making them effective barriers to permeation and corrosion. Veil is followed by chopped strand mat and resin. This second layer contains about 70% -75% Vinyl Ester Resin by weight, and also functions as a permeation and corrosion barrier. The high resin content of the corrosion barrier effectively shields the structural laminate from chemical attack.