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  • fiberglass tanks in Wisconsin


    for our Customers

    A fertilizer installation of 30,000 gal. tanks.

  • fiberglass tanks in Wisconsin


    in Manufacturing

    A series of 17’ dia. x 42’ side sheet tanks that met ASME RTP-1 level 1 requirements for the internal surface and interior layer.

  • fiberglass tanks and composite components in Wisconsin


    to Each Application

    A 22’ dia. scrubber constructed in multiple sections and assembled on-site.

  • fiberglass tanks and composite components in Wisconsin


    in Design


    This Ethanol Bio Reactor was designed and manufactured by GPI.

  • fiberglass tanks and composite components in Wisconsin

    Industry Leaders

    in Composites Manufacturing

    FRP composites are lighter and stronger than steel and provide superior corrosion resistance.

  • fiberglass tanks and composite components in Wisconsin


    that Matters


    Over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and designing composite structures.

  • fiberglass tanks repair in Wisconsin

    Repair &


    GPI Field Services includes, but are not limited to:



    Preventive maintenance

    Facility upgrades


    Fitting replacement or relocation

    Equipment/Tank Relining 

GPI designs, manufactures, inspects, and repairs, fiberglass tanks, scrubbers and equipment for a variety of industry segments. As a family owned business with over 50 years in the composites industry, we have the experience to meet your process equipment and liquid storage needs.

NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI 61-G and NSF/ANSI 372

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